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Is set up and delivery included?

Set up and delivery, up to 10 miles of SS3 postcode, is included. For locations over 10 miles from SS3 will incur a small delivery charge of just 75p per mile.

Is there a discount for multiple hires?

Yes, we will provide a 25% discount on ALL multiple hire bookings what are based at the same location.

Is the equipment tested and insured?

Yes, all equipment is regularly checked and covered by public liability insurance.

What if it rains?

All our Bouncy Castles have built-in shower covers. If you must cancel due to the weather being unsuitable for your party, we will be happy to provide a FULL refund or we can change your dates to suit you (we require you to let us know a minimum of 48 hours before event date otherwise this guarantee will be void).

What time will you arrive?

Delivery will be arranged on an individual basis as we appreciate that no two clients have the same. Our hours of operation are however between 07:00 and 19:00.

How long can I keep the 8 Ball Inflatables?

We understand you want to enjoy our inflatable for as long as possible, so we are happy to delivery our inflatables as early as 07:00 with collection being available as late as 19:00 so you can make the most of our FULL day hire plans. If you would require any of our available inflatables for longer there will be an additional £10 per hours charge (this will need to be discussed at the time of booking).

Do you offer overnight hire?

This can be arranged, however there would be an additional £50 hire fee and a security deposit of £100. This will only be available for locations which are 100% secure and you must accept full responsibility for the 8 Ball Inflatables and equipment you have hired. You will also need to put ALL electrical equipment provided by 8 Bal Inflatables in a secure/dry environment overnight.

Can I book at the last minute?

Of course. We started 8 Ball Inflatables due to issues which have arisen for us in the past such as last minute let downs or Inflatables no longer being available. Providing we have what you need in stock when you contact us we will aim to have your party up and running within three hours.

How long does it take to set up, inflate, and deflate a bouncy castle?

It takes around 15 to 25 minutes to set up a bouncy castle, and 20 to 30 minutes to take it away.

Can I drive and collect an Inflatable hire from 8 Ball Inflatables?

Unfortunately, for insurance and safety reasons, we only deliver and install the equipment

What do I need to do before you get here?

All 8 Ball Inflatables hires are delivered on a sack trolley, so at least 3 ft. clear access is
required. Ensure paths and access to your garden are free of objects. We carry
25m extension cables, so if your power source is further than this, please let
us know in advance.

Please check to ensure the area is free of objects and clear up any animal waste that you may be in your garden as this will damage our inflatables.

What sort of surface do you need for?

We need a fairly flat grassy area (slight slopes are okay) so the castle can be staked down. Our Castles can’t stay on steep slopes or under low hanging trees. We do provide a tarpaulin for our castles however, the area must still be free of any stones, objects, excessive mud, or animal waste.

In addition to the above for hire of our Inflatable Football Pool Table you will require an extremely flat surface otherwise playing quality will be reduced drastically.

We reserve the right to refuse to set up an Inflatable if the ground is not in an acceptable condition.

How much room do you need to erect a bouncy castle?

We need a 4 ft. space at the front and back of our Castles and a 2 ft. gap at
both sides. Please prune any trees or shrubs that may be overhanging before we arrive
on site to deliver the bouncy castle. For our Inflatable Football Pool Table, we suggest no less than 2 ft. gap on three sides to anchor and additional room for one end to make sure there is safe space for entry and exit.

Is my garden big enough?

We can come to your home and check for fit if required. This service is free of charge and there is no
obligation. The 12 ft. x 12 ft. castles are the most popular size as they fit in most gardens. Remember, we will need a passage of at least 3 ft. wide to get our Inflatables into the garden.

Can your bouncy castles be used indoors?

Absolutely. We can set up ALL our inflatables indoors, we can also suggest local venues, such as village halls, churches, community centres, nurseries, and schools if needed. In these situations, sand bags are provided to secure the castle for the safety of your guests.

Can your Inflatables be moved?

NO! Insurance and safety reasons prohibit ALL 8 Ball Inflatables from being moved under any
circumstances. If moved any accidents that occur will be not be covered and may result in a claim against our clients, we take before and after photographs as a security measure for instances such as this.

How safe is it?

We comply with the latest Health and Safety Executive guidelines for Inflatable Play Equipment and possess current safety certificates. The hirer is responsible for ensuring there is suitable adult supervision of the unit and equipment, and of all people using it at all times.

Have you got insurance?

Yes, we carry public liability insurance, which will cover accidents such as equipment failure due to improper installation. The hirer is responsible for ensuring there is adult supervision of the unit and equipment, and supervision of all people using the bouncy castle and equipment at all times.

Do I need to keep the blower running?

Yes, the blower needs to be running at ALL times whilst using any of 8 Ball Inflatables products are in use. If the weather changes to heavy rain or winds – switch off by the mains and let the castle deflate.

What is the cost in home electricity to use a bouncy castle?

This will depend on your provider; however, the average is £1 for the entire day.

What about safety mats?

Every 8 Ball Inflatable Castle is supplied with “crash mats.”

Do you have an age limit for using the castles?

All of 8 Balls Inflatables are suitable for ALL ages, unlike competitors we don’t want to limit the fun our clients can have.

Do you hire bouncy castles for events like nursery open days, fund raisers, charity, school galas and other such events?

This is something we push for. We love to help local events and are linked to several charity events already. Discounts are available ALL year round and are not restricted simply due to it being a ‘busy time of the year’.

Do you give a discount on multiple hires?

Yes, we do! We offer a 25% discount on ALL multiple hires.

How do I book?

It’s easy! Simply call us on 07805 953 560 alternatively you can contact us via text, WhatsApp, email: or our Facebook page

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfers, PayPal (2.9% Booking fee) or cash in advance, this is to secure bookings as we have unfortunately had last minute cancelations. All pre-payments are fully refundable providing a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is given. If you require an invoice for your hire, please let us know and this can be sent via email.

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