Booking Process

Simply call us on 07805 953 560 alternatively you can contact us via text, WhatsApp, email: or our Facebook page

We accept bank transfers, PayPal (2.9% Booking fee) or cash in advance, this is to secure bookings as we have unfortunately had last minute cancelations. All pre-payments are fully refundable providing a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is given. If you require an invoice for your hire, please let us know and this can be sent via email.

Booking Schedule

Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 19:00

A disclaimer must be signed upon delivery of the bouncy castle hire.
This documents your commitment to care for the equipment and to supervise
anyone using the equipment whilst in your custody.

We will check the area, whilst the customer reads and signs the
disclaimer. If the area is found to be unsuitable, we will explain in detail
why and may decline to assemble the castle.

After we’ve inspected the area and
everything has been determined to be in good order, it’s time to set up the
bouncy castle. A ground sheet is placed first if the bouncy castle is going on
hard ground. The castle is then rolled out and the blower (fan that inflates
the castle and keeps it inflated) is attached to the back of the castle. The
castle is inflated.

At this point, the customer will check the position of the bouncy
castle. We’re happy to move it, if necessary. When it is fully inflated and in
place, it will be secured to the ground by pegs and/or sand bags. Safety mats
are place around the castle entrance and it is declared to be good to go!


Reasons We May Decline Bouncy Castle Hire

We hate to do it, but occasionally we have to decline setting up a bouncy castle. Here are the top reasons this might happen.

Dog foul in the garden.

As you can imagine, this is a serious problem. First of all, it’s unsanitary. Secondly, it’s very expensive to fully sanitize a bouncy castle (costs to clean start at £300). To ensure we can set-up on delivery day, please see to it that all traces of any dog foul has been removed to eradicate any chance of contamination. If, upon inspection, it is deemed the garden to be polluted by any dog waste, wewill decline the hire.

Not enough space.

It’s very important to check the measurements of the bouncy castle and ensure there is enough space in the garden to accommodate it. A 12 x 12 space does not mean you can fit a 12 x 12 bouncy castle in that space! We’ve listed minimum space requirements for all bouncy castles listed on this site. If your still stuck, we do offer a free measure up service to all customers. It’s to your benefit to take advantage of this. If we arrive and find the bouncy castle will not fit, we will decline the hire. This is for the safety of you and your guests.

Customer not present.

The person hiring the bouncy castle must be present at delivery to sign the required paperwork and make payment. Under no circumstances will delivery be made if the customer is not available. if you’re unavailable to take to booking at the time, a person over 18 years of age must be appointed, pay the driver and sign the disclaimer to accept the terms and conditions.

Hard ground.

No matter if it’s inside or outside, the only hard ground on which we will set up a bouncy castle is flat slab concrete. We will not set up on gravel, chip stones or any kind of course surface. The surface must be smooth and of a material that will not cause wear and tear to the bouncy castle. Hard  surfaces require an additional £10.

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